Main rules for the acceptance of shipments

The sender accepts the terms and conditions for the delivery of parcels and documents through the system of delivery of ACS, referred to in this form. No representative, agent or employee of ACS and no sender has the right to change or violate the mentioned terms and conditions.

Clause 1

The consignment note of ACS is a form not liable to consideration and the sender agrees with the terms and conditions, referred to in this document. The sender states and accepts that he is the main owner (or his representative) of the shipment, whose content is referred to on the first page of the consignment note of ACS. Through this document he states that he accepts the terms for delivery of ACS.

Clause 2

The sender guarantees that:
a) Every shipment, which is described on the first page on the consignment note of ACS is described accurately and is in consort with law.
b) On the respective shipment are correctly filled in the details and the address of the recipient.
c) The respective shipment is packed up in a way that will guarantee its safety during the delivery.
d) He will pay in full all eventual additional expense that can arise during the delivery, return or storing of the items.

Clause 3

ACS has the right, but not pledge to check the content of the shipment, which agrees to deliver. ACS has the right not to deliver the shipment if emerges information about shipment with forbidden contents and/or insufficient details about the recipient.

Clause 4

ACS has the right to retain or not to deliver every shipment exported from it with the purpose of covering expenses, ensuing during the delivery (transport fees, goods etc.) until they are aid in full.

Clause 5

ACS accomplishes despatch on the account of the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay in full the expenses on any occasion, the payment is assumed by the sender.

Clause 6

ACS is responsible for the damage on losing or spoiling a shipment with a statement of value, except if the damage is due to the quality of the shipment or the inappropriate packing.

Clause 8

ACS makes everything endeavour to accomplishing the deliveries as fast as possible under the terms of its functioning programme. However, in no case does it cover any responsibility on delaying of the reception, transportation and delivery or for any loss, damage, caused because of missed advantages, breakage, bad delivery or miscarriage, based on unpredictable reasons:
a) Due to sudden unpredicted events beyond the boundaries of the objective human possibilities (accident, bad meteorological conditions, transport strike etc.)

b) Due to missed or incorrect details, given by the sender, the recipient, or by third face with certain interests in the respective shipment.

c) Due to the content of the shipment in which can arise a specific damage, falsifying or spoiling.

Clause 9


In case of damage, loss, theft or destruction, the USER has the right to file a complaint within 6 (six) months from the date of acceptance of the shipment. Only one interested party can file a complaint for the same shipment.
In order to initiate the procedure, the client must file a complaint by filling in a complaint letter (free text) in which he enters his requests to the OPERATOR.
The complaint must have:
1. Company,
3. Address of correspondence
Ιn case the client is a private person must fill in name, surname ,father’s name and an address for correspondence.
It is obligatory to include the number of the shipment, the date of dispatch, what the complaint is for, a claim for compensation / according to the specific case /.
Documents certifying the origin of the goods and proving the claim on the grounds and amount (in case of damaged, stolen, destroyed, and lost items – invoices, receipts, etc.) must be attached to the complaint letter.
The complaint is appropriately filed only when:
* All required dues of the shipment have been paid without delay or set-off;
* In case of a complaint for damaged, stolen or destroyed shipment, the shipment (or part of it) is handed over to the OPERATOR in order to check the circumstances indicated in the complaint letter;
* The following documents have been submitted: complaint letter, documents certifying the origin of the goods and proving the claim on the grounds and amount
The terms for research of complaints are- one month – for domestic shipments and three months – for international shipments, as the Operator notifies the advertiser in writing about the result.
If the claim is upheld, the compensation is paid to the authorized person within 15 working days from the date of notification.
In case of justified claims of items without declared value, the amount of the compensation is determined by the OPERATOR as follows:
• for damaged shipment – compensation is the amount of up to 5 (five) times the value of the courier service without VAT (up to the value of the actual damage), but not more than 50 (fifty) BGN
• for partially damaged shipment – compensation is the amount of the actual damage, but not more than 20 (twenty) BGN
The OPERATOR is released from liability for all damage to courier shipments caused by hidden defects in the packaging or incorrectly declared content.
The OPERATOR is released from liability for damages not established by the RECIPIENT at the time of receipt of the shipment, in the presence of an employee of the OPERATOR.
The OPERATOR shall be released from liability for any delay or inability to perform its duties if such performance is hindered or delayed by reasons caused by insurmountable natural phenomena, strikes, riots, war, which are established by the relevant competent authorities.
The OPERATOR is not responsible for indirect damages and unrealized gains due to damage, loss, robbery, destruction or delay in the delivery of shipments and messages.

Clause 10

ACS does not deliver post items that violate the law or items that are not accepted for delivery by IATA. In no case does ACS accept to deliver money.